EVOCATIVE SERIES – Unedited Film Photography

"Evocative Series" Bellanda  ®

EVOCATIVE… it’s time. After many years of keeping Evocative a personal experience, limiting its exposure, I have decided to allow this series to enter people’s homes and hearts. Evocative was created in 2002, and was born from a mix of emotions that words could not convey. When I entered France, I could barely speak a word of French. Frustrations, extreme changes and tremendous life experiences were mixed together in such a turmoil that they apparently became evident in my photographic work. It was then that my photographs took an unintentional inward turn, and became one of self-expression, filled with color… instead of my former black and white representation of stolen candid moments of people from around the world.

I was offered a delicate purple orchid by the man I treasured most just before he left for Africa. He was part of a very dangerous documentary film crew, and promised to return to me in one piece before the flower had begun to fade and die. While he was gone, I decided to immortalize his gesture for eternity by creating Evocative N°1. In his absence, this project made him forever present. Over the next several weeks, I ended up creating an entire series of work. I arranged the photographs preciously around my apartment. Seeing these images helped comfort me in those frightening moments as I wondered if he was in danger… if he was hurt. The absence of news was deafening, but as promised he returned to me safely before the flower had faded and we enjoyed these photographs and all they stood for together.

Evocative N°1 – Unedited Film Photography – Bellanda ®

Not long after, a friend of a friend stopped by my apartment in Nice. Immediately, he asked me to enter my work into a selection process for a one man exposition overlooking the beautiful beach and sea of Monaco. At first, I refused… they were simple flower photographs, yet somehow these photos were part of me and showing them gave me an uncomfortable feeling. It was as if I was naked… as if everyone would know more about me than I wanted them to know. I know that it is probably rare that someone would need to be convinced to show their work in an Art Exposition, but the idea terrified me. After refusing several times, I eventually agreed to show, but not sell my work. I couldn’t get over the concept of selling my soul, as silly as that sounds.

The show featured all 15 of my unedited film photographs from the Evocative Series and was dedicated to others like myself:

Evocative Series – Dedication – Bellanda ®

It was overwhelming to see people react to my work at the Red Carpet Opening. Many were indeed able to see inside of me, and yes, their comments made me blush more than once. I accepted exposing the Evocative Series several times in France, while my Photographic Artwork took on a more and more abstract nature.  This newer work is about capturing a moment, one of emotion and of a state of mind. Although my newer work is far more abstract and can have many interpretations from one person to the next, Evocative remains precious in my heart. It was the first step that led me to develop my current abstract photographic art and painting creations.

It’s true that I had no desire to sell Evocative, but when I saw the pleasure that it gave to others, it felt almost selfish not to allow them to have this in their own homes. I have been selling many of my more recent paintings and photographic art, and have since changed my thinking of seeing my artwork inside the homes of others. Unfortunately, just as I had come to terms with letting the Evocative Series go, transportation from its most recent exposition caused some slight damage to several of the photographs/frames that I had designed especially for the Evocative Series. When I say damaged, I mean little scratches or indents on the frame, etc. I was devastated. Everyone keeps telling me that they don’t notice them or can hardly see them, but with my eye and heart… I see them.

After talking it over with several people, including the dear sweet man who inspired this work, I decided to sell them at a reduced rate. The idea of leaving them in storage breaks my heart. They have traveled long and hard and it is time for them to find a home with someone who will appreciate their history… someone who will appreciate the value of true, unedited film photographs, printed on traditional photo paper versus that of digital on inkjet… someone who will fall in love with their story of love.

Evocative Series Choices:

The Evocative Series is the only artwork that is sold on a limited basis. All of my more recent works are sold on a one-of-a-kind basis. As with all of my work, each Evocative photograph and/or series, framed or not, will come with a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity. It was designed to protect the security and genuineness of your limited edition. It will assure authenticity, and include the title, size, and number in the series.

There have only been a total of FIVE sets of the 13 photographs ever made. No further prints will be printed in the future.

  • FOUR sets of the Evocative Series are sized at 30 x 20 cm *Each individual photo will sell at a sale price of 50€ + shipping. *For the purchase of more than one photograph or the entire series, please contact me directly for a special package price.
  • Only ONE set of the Evocative Series is sized at 60 x 40 cm  For pricing details, please see the framing selections below:

Photographs mounted on a floating aluminum structure and built into a black wooden frame designed by Bellanda – Size: 80 x 60 x 5 cm may be purchased for 450€ + shipping   *There are a limited number of black wooden frames, which will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Evocative Frames - Unique design by Bellanda
Evocative Frame choice: Signed & Dated Floating Unedited Film Photograph on aluminum, mounted on a Unique Black Wooden Frame designed by Bellanda – Size: 80 x 60 x 5 cm

Photographs mounted on a floating aluminum structure – Size: 60 x 40 x 3 cm (without wooden black frame) may be purchased for 300€ + shipping

Evocative Frame choice: Floating Photograph on aluminum 60x43x3cm
Evocative Frame choice: Floating Unedited Film Photograph mounted on aluminum by Bellanda  – Size: 60 x 40 x 3 cm

Please contact me if you would like to know further details about the Evocative Series, as well as any of my newer work. I would be happy to discuss this with you personally.

To purchase or ask for more information concerning one of these photos, please fill out the confidential form below. We will be happy to provide further information about a particular work and/or give you a price quote for your particular region. Please note: all work will be delivered free of charge in the Paris, France region, and special discount rates will apply to purchases of more than one photograph.

*All rights to these images are fully retained by the artist, Bellanda. Any unauthorized reproduction or use is a violation of copyright law.

If you would like to leave a public comment or question below, I'd love to hear from you. Best wishes!

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