Oil Paintings

“Art is expression of self… of mind, body, spirit and passion through different mediums.
It touches, moves and makes people see in ways that are unique unto themselves.”  


Expression in all forms is vital and necessary.  In painting, I’ve discovered something I never knew existed… pure joy with the simple movement of a brush and the journey in which one ventures into unknown man’s land.   The beauty of my work is that I never know where it will lead.  I let myself be guided by pure instincts, going deep within myself, only to awaken to a finished product that I step back and look at as if discovering the work for the very first time.

Bellanda ®
Bellanda ®

Your thoughts, opinions and perspectives are always welcome, as are any musical suggestions that you think might inspire me.

All original paintings and unedited film photography are sold on a ONE-OF-A-KIND basis, with the exception of the Evocative Series. Each photo from Evocative will be sold on a numbered limited basis, and sale prices for Evocative may be found at this link: Evocative Series

*Please note:  All original paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Bellanda and can be purchased here via PayPal. No shipping fee will be charged for deliveries within Paris, France

For orders & questions, please fill out the confidential contact form below.

*All rights to these images are fully retained by the artist, Bellanda. Any unauthorized reproduction or use is a violation of copyright law.

If you would like to leave a public comment or question below, I'd love to hear from you. Best wishes!

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