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Making of MAGMA… Oil on Canvas By Bellanda ®

Everything began on Monday…

and your music suggestions played throughout the Atelier.


The mixing of colors…


Inspiration guided movement of each stroke…

Making of MAGMA  By BELLANDA ®

The movement of brushes…


First attempt at Time Lapse:

Unfortunately the video color representation was not as accurate as I had hoped, but this quick clip will give you a little look inside my painting creation.  I have convinced my dear partner to do a movie clip for our NEXT Painting Atelier, using our Canon Mark III. This will enable me to give you better image quality next time.

Bellanda Time Lapse: Making of MAGMA

MAGMA will be published tomorrow.

Please Stay Tuned!

A Glimpse Into My Painting Atelier… A Glimpse of Me At Work.

“The light shines through… the music flows… and with each and every stroke of the brush

I am guided into a journey

of mind, body and spirit.”

Bellanda ® 

Latest Painting Atelier with Bellanda ®
Latest Painting Atelier with Bellanda ®
Latest Painting Atelier with Bellanda ®
Latest Painting Atelier with Bellanda ®

Oil Painting Atelier Scheduled for Next Week!

As promised, here is the announcement for our next painting atelier.  Thank you for such wonderful musical suggestions. It has been difficult to make a selection, as your suggestions were fabulous.  For this reason, I have chosen several and have left myself open to adding others as I paint.  Your participation is greatly appreciated, as is your patience.  I’m thrilled to be well enough to express myself again through movement and color, and to be able to share the painting process with you via photos and time-lapse.

Painting Atelier Announcement

I look forward to seeing where my inspiration from your music suggestions will take this next painting… Thank you for being here with me.  Believe in dreams… for they can come true.
Bellanda ®

Believe in dreams... for they can come true. Bellanda ®

It’s Almost Time For Our Next Online Atelier!

Call for Music:

The time has come...

As promised, the time has come for you to take part in the making of my next painting.  Many of you may already know that music is imperative to my creation process… and the choice of music is equally important.  It can influence the stroke of the brush… the choice of color and the actual painting itself.

Although he may not know it, Ludovico Einaudi has taken me on many a glorious journey during my painting process.  His musical genius is inspiring… and I adored allowing his work take me where it did.

Today, I am going to ask you to take part in helping select the music for our next Online Atelier… I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the music you’d like me to listen to while I create.  I will listen to all music in the days to come, allowing my instincts to select which musical artist I will select for our Online Atelier.  I will reveal the name of the music as I am about to begin so that you can listen and see where it takes you, while I allow it to take my paintbrush in a direction of its own.

Your participation in this process will make this a lot more interesting and perhaps add an unexpected dimension to my work.  I hope you will play along by adding the name of a song and musical artist.  I can’t wait to see where this new discovery will take us!

Sometimes a painting takes on a new life… even before it is born.

Bellanda  ®
First Life – Bellanda ®

Sometimes the unexpected happens on the very same canvas…

and the painting takes on a new life all by itself.

Bellanda ®
Second Life – Bellanda ®

Stay turned to see the end result…

Making of Oil Painting… turning green into something more

With Atelier doors open and music from Ludovico Einaudi playing, I once again let go and allowed the music to inspire me. Let’s see where it leads…

Bellanda  ®
Bellanda ®


It all begins here!Bellanda  ®
It all begins here!
Bellanda ®

Enlightenment is one of the first oil paintings that made a true transition from my more abstract photography to oil painting.  After years of working with photographic images, I began to feel the need to move in a way that could allow me to become not only emotionally involved with my creations, but physically.  Although setting up a photo shoot continues to thrill me, I wanted to immerse myself completely in the creative process… literally get lost in my work, music, emotions, movements, and paint textures.

The realization of Enlightenment took place with some of my Twitter and Facebook friends joining me online during the creative process on my Atelier Bellanda Facebook Page, where the idea of opening of my Atelier Doors was born.  Photos were posted during the painting process to give online Atelier Visitors the chance to see, comment and participate in its creation.

For this first painting, I knew what colors I wanted to work with and even the music that I would listen to while working. However, I had no idea what I was going to paint, nor how it would make me feel.  Ludovico Einaudi’s music filled my Atelier and a thrill of excitement took over my being as I guided that very first long brush stroke across the large blank linen canvas, measuring 100×73 centimeters. At that moment, I knew I had just found the change that I had been looking for in my artistic expression.

Some of the making of photos that were posted online during the creation process.
Some of the making of photos that were posted online during the creation process.

I allowed Einaudi’s music  to take my inner-self  somewhere it had never been.  There was a moment during the painting process where I was no longer conscious of anything around me.  The music and slow dance-like movements of the brush had taken me into an almost hypnotic state.

Final Product:  Enlightenment.Bellanda ®
Final Product: Enlightenment
Bellanda ®
Paris Area Art Exposition of Bellanda's oil Painting, 'Enlightenment'100x73 cmBellanda ®
Paris Area Art Exposition of Bellanda’s oil Painting, ‘Enlightenment’
100×73 cm
Bellanda ®

Thank you to all who joined me… both during the creation process and at the Art Exposition that followed.

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