About Bellanda ®

Bellanda ®

I am an American artist, living and working in Paris, France.  In 2001, enormous changes took place within my life, challenging me and awakening my inner emotions and sensibilities.  Unable to utter but a few words in French, the spoken word limited and caged my ability to express myself completely.  As a result, I was compelled to find other outlets.

It was then that my work unconsciously took a shift from representing a black and white photographic reality of the world, into that of a more personal journey filled with color.  My work is one of self-expression and understanding, and has evolved over the years becoming a more and more abstract form of photographic art which has led to my present day oil paintings.

By using basic elements of life, I take that object and change it to convey my sentiments which are struggling to break free.  There is a baseline tone of passion and sensuality, as well as a return to nature to much of  my work.

When one looks at my most recent photographs and paintings, the actual object becomes irrelevant, for it is that of the onlookers past and present experiences that influence what they see before them. Very often, their interpretations are very different from one person to the next.

I believe in following my instincts, as well as my dreams and I’m not afraid to work hard to make them a reality.  Life is indeed precious and one never knows the time we have on this earth, so I take each precious day for what it is… beautiful.

This Atelier is to share the beauty that exists from within our very being.  I have decided to open the doors of my Atelier and my inner world as a reminder that although life can be filled with horrors, one can never forget that beauty can be found in the most simple object, gesture, or movement. I will attempt to take you on your own personal journey with my artwork, and in doing so will hopefully lead you to finding hope where you least expected it.   The journey to happiness might make us search to our inner most depths, but it is well worth the struggle.

Hold onto hope… once a shattered and broken being, I’m proof that some of our most beautiful days could very well be those we have yet to live.  My work reflects the beauty that surrounds us if we open our eyes and allow ourselves to truly see.

Thank you for joining me on my journey in life… as an artist… as a person.


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