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Labor Day Special!

Happy Labor Day! To help celebrate this American holiday, Free ground shipping to U.S. customers, with destinations within the USA, is now available on all orders until midnight Eastern Time on Labor Day!
Close out summer in style with a new look for your home. If you’re not in the mood to redecorate, try accessorizing your life with apparel, fashion accessories, and tech products.
For artwork and accessories, please see below and visit: Atelier Bellanda Shopping for additional artwork and accessories.
Bellanda Shopping PROMO
Artwork: ©Bellanda
La Recontre Wearable Art Tote designed by Bellanda
‘La Recontre’ Tote ©Bellanda
'Paris Madame Eiffel' by Bellanda
‘Paris Madame Eiffel’ ©Bellanda
Paris on Mind by Bellanda - notebook
‘Paris on My Mind’ ©Bellanda – spiral notebook
Everglades - Wearable Art Weekender Tote by Bellanda
‘Everglades’ Weekender Tote ©Bellanda
'Eiffel Tower in Blue' Tote by Bellanda
‘Eiffel Tower in Blue’ Tote ©Bellanda

For more artwork and accessories, please visit: Atelier Bellanda Shopping


Paris, on My Mind…


it inspires both dreams and dreamers…

and I’m forever caught in its eternal beauty.

Paris on my mind feature photo

To the dreamers of the world,

My latest creation is dedicated to you… for you make the future worth living.

Thank you!

For more information, or to purchase a print or other merchandise of Paris on My Mind, please visit or click:  https://atelier-bellanda.pixels.com/featured/paris-on-my-mind-bellanda.html

Designed in Paris; made in the USA: Weekender Tote Bags by Bellanda

Newly styled Weekender Tote bags are now available! They are crafted with soft, spun poly-poplin fabric and have double stitched seams and a liner for extra durability. All totes are designed in Paris, France and are made in the USA to bring both of my worlds together into one. The tote bags can accompany you on your picnics, pool parties, beach outings and weekend getaways. These lightweight totes are also a great way to be environmentally conscious, as they can replace plastic shopping bags for your everyday purchases.

Madame Eiffel - Wearable Art Weekender Tote Bag by Bellanda
Eiffel Tower in Blue ©Bellanda  – Wearable Art Weekender Tote Bag
Colors of Paris - Wearable Art Weekender Tote Bag
Colors of Paris ©Bellanda  – Wearable Art Weekender Tote Bag 
Everglades - Wearable Art Weekender Tote by Bellanda
Everglades ©Bellanda – Wearable Art Weekender Tote
Convergence Weekender Tote
Convergence ©Bellanda – Wearable Art Weekender Tote Bag designed by Bellanda
Weekender Tote Wearable art selection by Bellanda
Weekender Tote Wearable Art selection ©Bellanda
NEW Weekender TOTES 2018 by Bellanda
NEW Weekender Totes ©Bellanda

To purchase or to see the entire collection of Weekender Tote bags, please visit: Weekender Tote Bags by Bellanda

For more information; or to purchase other products/images, please visit or click: https://atelier-bellanda.pixels.com