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Rowing Boats, Paris-Nice by Bellanda

Rowing Boats in Paris
Rowing Boats – Mixed Media ©Bellanda

This creation started with simple but beautiful rowing boats on a lake in the Bois de Vincennes, Paris, France. It’s one of my favorite spots in Paris. I love drifting, dreaming, enjoying the calm of a busy city… taking in the natural beauty left unseen by the many tourists who come to visit the city of lights.

Then, this piece took on a new life. The holidays brought me to what I consider my second home in France… Nice. One can’t help but to be inspired by the beautiful colors and sunsets found in Nice and in the nearby mountains. Colors and lighting I have missed since my move to Paris.

Rowing Boats is a collaboration of the two French cities in which I have lived… These beautiful places that have forever captured a piece of my soul, and will continue to inspire not only me, but many.

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Paris, on My Mind…


it inspires both dreams and dreamers…

and I’m forever caught in its eternal beauty.

Paris on my mind feature photo

To the dreamers of the world,

My latest creation is dedicated to you… for you make the future worth living.

Thank you!

For more information, or to purchase a print or other merchandise of Paris on My Mind, please visit or click:  https://atelier-bellanda.pixels.com/featured/paris-on-my-mind-bellanda.html

MAGMA: Oil on Canvas By Bellanda ®

Turmoil of Light and Darkness,

of Spirit and of Soul…

A battle of Wills and Hope.

Magma by Bellanda ® Oil On 100% Linen Canvas 73 x 100 cm
Magma by Bellanda ®
Oil On 100% Linen Canvas
73 x 100 cm

For availability/price catalog: http://wp.me/P3hMku-85


Making of MAGMA… Oil on Canvas By Bellanda ®

Everything began on Monday…

and your music suggestions played throughout the Atelier.


The mixing of colors…


Inspiration guided movement of each stroke…

Making of MAGMA  By BELLANDA ®

The movement of brushes…


First attempt at Time Lapse:

Unfortunately the video color representation was not as accurate as I had hoped, but this quick clip will give you a little look inside my painting creation.  I have convinced my dear partner to do a movie clip for our NEXT Painting Atelier, using our Canon Mark III. This will enable me to give you better image quality next time.

Bellanda Time Lapse: Making of MAGMA

MAGMA will be published tomorrow.

Please Stay Tuned!

It’s Almost Time For Our Next Online Atelier!

Call for Music:

The time has come...

As promised, the time has come for you to take part in the making of my next painting.  Many of you may already know that music is imperative to my creation process… and the choice of music is equally important.  It can influence the stroke of the brush… the choice of color and the actual painting itself.

Although he may not know it, Ludovico Einaudi has taken me on many a glorious journey during my painting process.  His musical genius is inspiring… and I adored allowing his work take me where it did.

Today, I am going to ask you to take part in helping select the music for our next Online Atelier… I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the music you’d like me to listen to while I create.  I will listen to all music in the days to come, allowing my instincts to select which musical artist I will select for our Online Atelier.  I will reveal the name of the music as I am about to begin so that you can listen and see where it takes you, while I allow it to take my paintbrush in a direction of its own.

Your participation in this process will make this a lot more interesting and perhaps add an unexpected dimension to my work.  I hope you will play along by adding the name of a song and musical artist.  I can’t wait to see where this new discovery will take us!

Coming Soon… Atelier Bellanda GoesPro!

Watch my next painting come to life via time-lapse and GoPro.

I’m getting ready to open the doors to my Online Painting Atelier again.  Our next painting session will take place in September.  The date will be announced ahead of time so you can join in on the music selection.  Feel free to add music suggestions here or at a later date on the announcement page.

I look forward to seeing you at our next Online Atelier!

Atelier Bellanda GoesPro!
Photo Credits: Bellanda ®

Oil Painting: ENVELOP

Here is the painting that started in one direction and color scheme,

and finished in a totally new way.

The beauty is that one never knows where a painting will lead

when we allow ourselves to let our cerebral self go

in order to let our inner soul speak.

Bellanda ®
Oil Painting on Linen Canvas
Bellanda ®

For availability/price catalog: http://wp.me/P3hMku-85